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Your vision for your future is unique and can be complex. That's why we tailor our advice to match your goals and aspirations.

Whether you require advice on just one area, or several areas, of specialisation, we will collaborate with you according to your preferences and needs, and put you in control of the scope of your financial advice and its costs. From your first meeting, you will know the scope of your advice, and any fees involved.

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Services available to you

Personal CFO services

We offer a personalised and all-inclusive financial planning service tailored for executives, professionals and senior managers.

Wealth accumulation and planning

We review your current position and establish your goals to then look for opportunities to either enhance your existing wealth accumulation plan or create a new one.

Super and retirement planning

We can help you set up a self-managed super fund, then help guide your ongoing investment strategy to maximise tax-effectiveness and minimise costs.

Estate planning and administration

We work with external estate planning experts as necessary to protect your personal and business assets, and ensure the tax-effective transfer of your wealth. Our service also includes investment planning, philanthropy and connecting you with specialists to assist with the establishment of wills, powers of attorney, custody, agency and trustee services.

Cashflow management

We help you structure your investments in a way that is tax-effective, but also meets your ongoing cashflow requirements.

Business management

We can help you start or manage a corporate super plan and offer your employees financial counselling, including maximising employee and investment options seminars and super reviews. We also help business owners with effective management strategies and business succession plans.

Investment planning

After we assess your first risk tolerance we give you access to a diverse range of investment options and establish a disciplined approach to review your investments in line with your strategy.

Wholesale advice

We have expertise in providing tailored advice to support the broad investment and complex regulatory requirements of wholesale clients.

Ongoing tax management

We work proactively with external accountants, to ensure your assets and investments are structured tax-effectively.

Risk insurance

We help you put in place strategies to protect your income and assets if you suffer a serious illness or accident.

Debt management

We help you use debt efficiently to accelerate investment growth and eliminate inefficient debt.

Legal services

We will work with external lawyers who are practice area specialists who can give you access to comprehensive legal advice.


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